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Catalogs in PDF format

Note: If you wish to print any of the images in the manual from the Acrobat Reader, it was found that the following printer settings worked best for printing high quality images. Graphics set for line art, Use vector graphics, highest DPI possible.
  • Blender Section of Maguire Catalog
  • Dryer Section of Maguire Catalog
  • Feeder Section of Maguire Catalog
  • Granulator Section of Maguire Catalog
  • Loader Section of Maguire Catalog
  • Pump Section of Maguire Catalog

Video and Demonstration files

The following section contains videos, demonstration clips and MS PowerPoint presentations. The files formats of the videos and demos are WMV (Windows Media Video) and MPG.

Catalogs in PDF format

  • The Maguire Weigh Scale Blender (25 min)
    Resolution: 320x240, 25.2 MB WMV
  • The Maguire Clear-Vu™ Loading System (15 min)
    Resolution: 320x240, 11 MB WMV
  • The Maguire WSB Controller (152 min)
    Resolution: 320x240, 193.5 MB WMV
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  • The Maguire Shuttle™ Granulator (14 min)
    Resolution: 320x240, 10 MB WMV
  • Maguire WSB Clean out Demo (15 sec)
  • Maguire WSB Mixing Demo (13 sec)
  • Maguire WSB Dispensing Demo (16 sec)
  • Maguire WSB Schematic Demo (1 1/3 min)

Flash Demonstrations

  • Operation of the Mixing Chamber
  • Cleaning the Mixing Chamber

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Maguire Gravimetric Blending
  • MCF Concentrate Feeder
  • Liquid Color Pumps
  • MLAN Software Version 2.0
  • Maguire Metering and Blending Equipment
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
    Windows Only