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LowPro Conveying System

LowPro conveying system, ideal for individual conveying applications for single and multiple material stations.

  • Simple, AUTONOMOUS control - only set load times
  • New low profile receivers - many technical benefits
  • Simple access for cleaning & maintenance

Complete Compact Solution

Cost Effective Loading

  • Simplified conveying for local materials conveying applications.
  • Choice of receiver and vacuum pump sizes. 
  • Simple autonomous control - extremely user-friendly. 

Simple Installation

  • Simple plug and play installation.
  • Each component connected in sequence.
  • Equally effective for single and multiple material applications.


  • AUTONOMOUS control - by default LowPro receivers load on a first-in / first-out basis.
  • No separate control or complicated set up and settings.
  • Simply set load time per receiver. 
  • Audible & visual alarms - notifies user if material is not loading and if air filter needs attention. 

Choice of Vacuum Pumps Available

  • Choice of vacuum pumps according to application type and throughout requirements.
  • Pump range includes single-phase brushless motor, to three-phase pumps and filters. 
  • Single pump services multiple receivers - flexible, expandable and cost efficient.

How LowPro Works: 

Benefits by Unique Design

Low Profile Receiver Design

  • Loading turned onto its side.
  • Reduced height reduces center of gravity - better machine stability. 
  • Unique benefits for low headroom installations.

Faster Materials Discharge 

  • LowPro receivers are designed with discharge flaps the length of the receiver.
  • This allows rapid emptying every cycle - typically less than 2 seconds. 
  • Benefits poorer flowing materials like many regrinds.

Cleaning & Maintenance - Simplified

  • All operating parts of LowPro receiver fit into the quick release red module - simple maintenance.
  • Large access space inside the receiver makes cleaning simple. 
  • Upright receivers have typically 9 points of contact for servicing and maintenance - LowPro receivers have just 3.
  • LowPro receivers come with Maguire's 5 Year Warranty program.

LowPro Features at a Glance

1. Low Profile Design

Ideal for low headroom applications - 80% lower than traditional receivers.

3. Simplified Maintenance

Removable module allows for quick access to vacuum pipe, filter, solenoid, alarm and electrical connection.

5. Simple Operation

No separate control required to operate multiple receivers, just set load time.

123456Photo of LowPro Conveying System

2. User-Friendly Side Access

All points of access in one easy to access point on side of receiver.

4. Automatic Filter Cleaning

Patented 'air blast' design - effective filter cleaning every cycle.

6. Audible & Visual Alarms

Alarms notify user if material is not loading on each receiver.

LowPro Specifications

ModelCapacityVolumeHeightStandard Inlet Diameter

LPR-A45.52.50.1447 5/82031 1/238
LPR-A710. 5/82031 1/238
LPR-A12188.20.4512.77 5/82031 1/238

LowPro Pump

ModelPowerVoltageOperating VacuumHeightWidthDepthStandard Inlet DiameterMax. Throughput
MCP970 W220VAC / 1ph/50Hz50Hz12 1/4

10 1/825711 1/82821 1/2381366620
NVRBE-2-1.9 HP (1.4 kW)50/60Hz47 1/2120518 5/847319483-24001000