Injection Molding Process

Maguire offer Injection Molding processors complete raw materials handling solutions for blending, dosing, drying, and conveying

Maguire works with thousands of molders globally in all types of industry providing solutions for dosing liquid colors and masterbatches, to blending solutions to manage blends of 2 or more materials for things like close looping Regrind, introducing Recycled, controlling prime Naturals and minimizing costs of Masterbatch and Additives.

For Drying technical materials Maguire have pioneered the ULTRA vacuum dryer, the ultra-low energy drying system that dries materials at the lowest kW per lb/kg, as well as the ability to dry materials typically 6 times faster than conventional dryers. 

With 30+ years of Injection Molding application experience, backed with thousands of installations globally, Maguire have supplied the broadest range of molding industries with many examples including Automotive, Medical, Housewares, Packaging, Education & Toys, Technical, Electronics, Agriculture.

Maguire Injection Molding Experience

Injection Molding Benefits

WSB 240 Blender

WSB Gravimetric Blenders

Manage machine vibration, reduce scrap and control color & additive usage.

ULTRA Dryers

ULTRA Dryers

ULTRA low energy drying. Reduced drying times.

MGF Feeder

MGF Gravimetric Feeders

100% injection coloring feature. High heat option. Fast-track calibration.

Maguire Receiver, FlexBus, MLS Conveying Control

Conveying Systems

Material conveying solutions for small, medium & large applications.

LPD 30 Dryer

LPD Dryers

Energy efficient drying

MS4 PeriStep Pump

Liquid Color Pumps

Easy and precise metering of liquid color & additives.

Sweeper Unloading System


Smart unloading for gaylords & octobins.

LowPro Conveying System

LowPro Conveying System

Ideal for individual conveying applications for single and multiple material stations.

GHR Clear Vu Hybrid receiver

GHR Clear-Vu Receivers

Clear-Vu™ receivers for easy visual status on loading.

GHL Clear Vu Loader

GHL Clear-Vu Loader

Premium Clear-Vu™ bodied loader, ideal for critical single station materials loading.

MLG Volumetric Feeder

Volumetric Feeders

Volumetric feeders for granule, powder, regrind and liquid.

PRS Purging Recovery System

PRS Purging Recovery

Transform purgings into high quality regrind.