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Sweeper - Unloading System

Reduces manual intervention with smart unloading for gaylords & octobins.

  • Material unloading specifically for gaylords & octobins
  • Fully automatic and extremely efficient system
  • Reduce labor and reduce material wastage

How Does it Work

The Sweeper is designed to empty a gaylord or octobin with zero operator intervention during unloading, leaving minimal material by the end of the unloading process.

The Sweeper runs consistently by these 4 key components: 

1. The Sweeper assembly is lowered onto the top of the pile of material in a new gaylord or octobin. When the vacuum of the conveying system starts, it enables a vacuum switch on the Sweeper to begin to rotate on top of the material pile.

3. The sweeper probe, connected to the J tube, uses a flexible hose to constantly sweep the material from the edges of the container. The flattening plate ensures material is evenly spread to the edges of the container.

2. As the Sweeper assembly rotates 360° a brush on the opposite side to the material probe conveys the material pile flat to ensure a consistent, constant rotation of the probe on the surface of the material.
4. Material is vacuumed into the probe, maintaining a high level of air to material mix for smooth conveying, feeding material up the conveying line, connected to the loading system calling for material. When vacuum stops, the sweeper assembly stops, and waits for the next conveying cycle to begin.
Steve Maguire Explains How a Sweeper Works:

Robust Design & Structure

Industrial A-Frame Support

  • A-frame ensures easy access for positioning the container. 
  • A-frame design allows operator to easily view when changing containers - making it easy & effortless.
  • Choice of 2 heights of A-frame available for different sized containers - 84" (2.1 m) and 48" (1.2 m).

Material Conveying Line Choices

  • Materials line options include standard 1.5” (38 mm), 2” (50mm), 2.5” (63.5 mm).
  • Standard pipework construction aluminium. Options for food grade and abrasive materials.

Sweeper Supported With Broadest Range of Options & Accessories

  • Stainless steel assemblies for technical requirements.
  • Options for poor flowing, sticky materials. 
  • Assemblies for abrasive raw materials. 
  • Portable options for frame. 
  • Cover options to cover bin. 
  • Automatic switch over for side by side Sweeper installation. 

See full range of Options

Smart Unloading

Automatic Material Removal

  • Manual intervention eliminated.
  • Avoids production interruptions as material kept level and ready to be conveyed.

Simple Installation

  • A-frame ensures accurate positioning of container. 
  • Easy removal of container for fast material changeovers and re-positioning. 
  • Simple connection to conveying system.

User-friendly Operation

  • No heavy-duty hydraulics.
  • No pinch points.
  • Only single phase power supply needed.
  • Low torque and rotation speed for safer operation.
  • No guards required.
  • Jog button for manual rotation.
  • Small footprint makes it easy to re-position.
  • Minimal material let in container at end of operation.

Dual Sweeper System

1. Interconnected Controls

Dual Sweeper setup comes with interconnected controls for automatic switchover from material container A to container B.

3. Industrial A-Frame Support

Easy for easy access and repositioning of container.

1234Photo of Sweeper System

2. Aluminum Material Conveying Tube

Material is vacuumed into the probe, maintaining a high level of air to material mix for smooth conveying.

4. Sweeper Assembly

Brush rotates 360 to "sweep" the material pile flat, ensuring smooth feeding up the conveying line.

Sweeper Specification

Model NumberVertical ClearanceDiameter of the Tube
SW-481548"1.2 m1.5"38 mm
SW-482048"1.2 m2"51 mm
SW-482584"1.2 m2.5"63.5 mm
SW-841584"2.1 m1.5"38 mm
SW-842084"2.1 m2"51 mm
SW-842584"2.1 m2.5"63.5 mm

Sweeper Options

Click to download Sweeper Options & Accessories

Full Stainless Steel Sweeper Assembly: Brush arm assembly, J-Tube assembly, Wand pick-up assembly, Upper welded connector, Upper tube connector.SW-48 This option replaces all aluminum parts that are in contact with material, with stainless steel parts. Available for standard Sweeper sizes. 
Full Stainless Steel Sweeper Assembly (Tall): Brush arm assembly, Wand pick-up assembly, Upper welded connector,Tube Extension, Coupler, Vac tube upper weldment.SW-84This option replaces all aluminum parts that are in contact with material, with stainless steel parts. Available for tall Sweeper sizes.
Stainless Steel Brush AssemblySW-48, SW-84This assembly is a direct replacement for the standard steel parts. 
Wider Gaylord Stand Top*SW-48, SW-84This option increases the width of the Sweeper stand assembly, to allow for more room to slide gaylord box under assembly.
*Frame is 6" wider.
Relocate Power SwitchSW-48, SW-84This option relocates the power switch from the far side of the Sweeper assembly to the gaylord box side of frame. 
Stainless Steel Sweep (Bolt-On)SW-48, SW-84For highly abrasive materials conveying and special applications requiring a hardened surface finish. 
Wiper Blades (FDA)SW-48, SW-84These two pieces are made from 1/16" thick approved Nylon (FDA compliant). Direct replacement of the two assembly brush assemblies. 
Stainless Steel TinesSW-48, SW-84Good for poor flowing or sticky materials to assist with consistent material movement. 
Porcelain Lined Sweep (Parts)SW-48, SW-84This part is very useful for abrasive material conveying applications. This part will replace the sweep to the lower portion of the J-Tube.
Porcelain Lined SweepSW-48, SW-84These parts are very useful for abrasive material conveying applications. This option will install a porcelain lined sweep to the lower portion of the J-Tube. 
Sweeper Motor Disconnect Switch SW-48, SW-84Automatically turns off gear motor as trolley is raised. To prevent motor from turning if assembly is lifted. 
Stand Leg Extensions*SW-48, SW-84Raise the Sweeper frame 4" above ground floor. Additional height spacers to provide additional height for different sized material container.
*4 steel legs included.
Wheel Stand Kit*SW-48, SW-84Mobilizes the Sweeper stand to allow for local re-positioning around material containers and increase accessibility.
*Set of wheels attached to sweeper stand. 
Cloth Material Bin CoverSW-48, SW-84Stretched over material container. Fabric container cover with clear viewing panels placed on material container - allows easy view but stops foreign bodies entering material container.
Clear Lexan Material Bin CoverSW-48, SW-84Gaylord cover that is mounted to the Sweeper stand assembly. This in turn will help foreign material from accidentally falling into the gaylord production material. The two hinged cover allow for easy access to the material container. It is a simple assembly with standard hand tools, and the Sweeper assembly does not need to be removed from the stand.
GHL Loader SeriesSW-48, SW-84Combine with the GHL Loader Series for a complete material container unloading package.
Low Level AlarmSW-48, SW-84This option will allow a low level sensor to be installed on the Sweeper unit. It is adjustable for a low level of the material in the material container. The control box has an audible alarm, and a strobe light to signal the level of material in the gaylord. 
Dual Sweeper ControlSW-48, SW-84Interconnected controls for Dual Sweeper installations. Automatic switch-over from material controller A to container B - allows for longer duration without manual intervention.
Sweeper Gaylord Blades:
Nylon, Stainless steel and thick Lexan blades.
SW-48, SW-84Used to allow the Sweeper to slide along the top of the material and not bury itself (Example: Food or medical grade materials).